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A little about us and our Top Father& Son Duo 

Kane &Kai jpeg.jpeg

AKC Gold Grand Champion 

               " Kane"

First, AHT to win breed at Westminster, First AHT to win The National Best Of Breed in the AHT Nationals, First AHT to compete in NADD Air Retrieve and his son was the second and they are the only 2 that compete and rank, Has qualified for the NADD Eukanuba National Championships for three years in a row. The first AHT to ever get an invite for the NADD Eukanuba Air Retrieve National Championship. He was the Number one AHT in NADD Air Retrieve and NADD Distance Diving. He holds the second highest ranking for the AHT in Barn Hunt.

AKC Gold Grand Champion

               " Kai"

 The second National Best Of Breed in the AHT Nationals, he is a Westminster Breed winner, Royal Canin Best Of Breed winner. Kai is the second AKC Grand Champion Gold AHT. He is one of only 2 AHT that compete and Rank in NADD Eukanuba Air Retrieve. His father Kane is the other. Kai is a high ranking NADD Distance diving dog and has qualified and earned the invite for NADD Eukanuba  Distance diving and NADD Eukanuba Air Retrieve for 2 years in a row. Kai has won countless Terrier Specialties. Kai is a AKC multi Group placing AHT.


Patty Smith

I have been involved in dogs all my life, I am a 30 year professional Pet groomer, I worked as a vet tech as well. I am a trainer and have trained dogs on a professional level for Obedience and conformation.I have been involved in breed rescue for 25 years as a foster home for Rat Terriers and the American Hairless Terrier for 2 National Breed rescues. I have trained dogs in Shutzhund and tracking. I have trained and owned Rottweiler's and the American Rat Terrier for many years prior to the American Hairless Terriers. I do conformation and performance events with my dogs. I believe in the Total Dog theory and believe a dog should be able to work as well as compete in a conformation ring. I strive for correct conformation as well as superior temperaments and a good drive for performance events. I have owned the American Hairless Terrier for 15 years and have shown them in conformation and performance events for many of those years.    

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