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Available Training For Puppies

These training programs are available only to puppies purchased from us and must be arranged prior to puppy purchase .

Our Head Start Program

Our head start program, begins with puppies 8-10 weeks of age and is available to all puppies upon request for an additional fee of $800.00. This price is addition to the original puppy pet price. Your puppy will stay with us for an additional 4 weeks.  He or she are raised by some of the top professionals in the field. With the head start  program we focus on, basic obedience training to include sit, down, stay and off . He or she will be leash and crate trained. We also continue on with outdoor potty training.  We do not guarantee that your puppy will have mastered all commands but they will have a great head start.  

 Show Basic Training 

This program is designed to prepare and ready your puppy for the show world. The program is only available  for show prospect puppies purchased from us. This training is from10 weeks of age to 6 months. It all so includes all puppy shots. We will begin working with your puppy at 10 weeks of age with leash training, crate training, socializing puppy to new sounds, people, new places and ready them for the show world. Your puppy with remain with us in our home the first 6 months. During that time we will build his or her show confidence and show manners. Between 4-6 months of age we will begin taking your puppy to AKC shows and puppy matches. This is where your puppy will have the opportunity to enter a show ring and compete with other dogs. We guarantee your puppy will travel with us to AKC shows that we will be showing some of our own adult dogs. Our goal is to be able to take your puppy into the show ring 4-6 times to help them feel comfortable in the show ring with other dogs and the show judges. This training is to help ready your puppy for the show world if you would wish to continue on in that direction. Cost of program and what is included with the price is as follows: Board and Care of your puppy. Crate training, housebroken training, show lead training, leash training, show ring training, how to free bate, stand and stack in a show ring. Also includes is going to the shows with us as mentioned above entering. He or she will be shown and handled by us between 4 to 6 times in a AKC puppy show match. This also includes all the show entry fees, and travel cost. Your puppy will also come home with their crate and dog bed as well as personal show lead that we used with them while at the dog shows. 


Program Cost:$ 2850.00 this price is in addition to the puppy price. This can be paid in 3 easy installment payments beginning at 8 weeks $950.00 would be due. Second payment of $ 950.00 due at 12 weeks and Third and final payment due at 16 weeks.  

 Advanced Training Available for Puppies. 

All  of our advanced trained puppies qualify for Emotional Support or Therapy dog certification.

This program is perfect for:


  • Individuals or Families with busy work and or home schedules that make potty training/all-day supervision in the beginning difficult


  • Families with health concerns or special needs, who may be unable to keep up with the demands of a young puppy.

After we speak with you will hand select a puppy that will meet you and your families needs and that will qualify for training in this program. Not every puppy born in a litter is eligible for advance training due to time and space so please contact us in advance so that we may place you on our waiting list. It is very important to use that we place the perfect puppy with each of our families.  Puppies graduate around 5 months of age, ready to join your family!

After leaving their mom at 8 weeks, each Advanced Training puppy will live a minimum of 

THREE FULL MONTHS in a private home of a trainer. We have trainers available in both Georgia and Maryland. This is total one on one training with your puppy and the trainer. 


Every 3 weeks you will receive a progress report & short video on how your puppy is doing and what they have learned. This will be sent either via email or text message to you.

The training  and care your puppy will receive during this time is as follows.


  • Crated 6-8 hours at night without accidents.

  • Able to hold between potty breaks for 2 hours during the day

  • To rarely chew something inappropriate while someone is present

  • Understand the ‘leave it’ command quickly

  • Nip/Jump-trained -to never bite hands and rarely jump up on people

Extensively Socialized

  • Used to visiting other people’s homes, pet-friendly stores, and dog parks/walks

  • Accustomed to individual and groups of children of various ages

  • Accustomed to being handled by a veterinarian and health professionals

  • Accustomed to being handled by a groomer

  • Familiar with television noise, sounds of household appliances, loud music, sounds of traffic, and blow dryers.



  • Professional pictures will be taken by Pride & Prejudoodles’ photographer, you will receive a lengthy email update on your dog's progress, as well as a short video demonstrating what commands can be shown.

  • Before going home, the trainer will email specific tips/routines individualized to your puppy to help your dog's transition.

Obedience Trained

  • ‘Sit’- (from 10 feet away for 30 seconds)

  • ‘Down’ – (from 10 feet away for 30 seconds)

  • ‘Come’- voice command from a distance of 30 feet

  • ‘Off’ - to respond immediately if jumping up ever occurs

  • ‘ Go to bed’– to go immediately to a designated open bed or mat and stay there for 30 seconds

Leash & Car Trained

  • Leash Trained– to walk on the left side and rarely pull.

  • Know how to auto-sit each time the walker stops.

  • Car Driving– take a ride without having any potty accidents for 2 hours

 While in our care with a trainer

  • Worming will be done monthly

  • Vaccinations will be kept up to date

  • Skin care done daily.

  •  Nail trimmings, ear cleanings will be done weekly

What your puppy will come home with after training.

  • Their Crate 

  • Their Dog Bed

  • Their Leash 

  • Their favorite toy

  • Their chew toy

  • One weeks worth of your puppies current diet.

  • Their up to date Vaccine and Worming records

  •  Set of worksheets so you can continue to work with your dog and see what they learned while in training. 

The cost of this program for 3 full months is $5000.00. The training cost is in addition to the original pet puppy price of the dog.

This can be paid in 3 easy installment payments first payment of $2000.00  would be due when your puppy is 6 weeks of age Second payment of $1500.00  would be due at 12 weeks of aged Third payment of  $1500.00 would be due at 16 weeks,   

 Our terms and conditions for our " ADVANCED TRAINING  PROGRAM".

These terms and conditions do not apply to " Show Basic Training"  or our " Head Start Program" those terms and conditions will be added to either your " Pet Contract"  or "Show Contract" if training is requested. 

Each puppy entering  advanced training programs will remain the property of  " Rip it  Up" American Hairless Terriers, breeder owner Patty Smith until all payments and training has been completed training. The ownership of your selected puppy will transfer to you when the puppy is picked up by the buyer at the preselect place, time and date.  All Contracts must be signed and puppy paid in full and payment agreements agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties before starting any of the programs.

 The advance training program is scheduled to take three months to complete and begins when the puppy is 8 weeks of age. At the end of the 3 months, the trainer will go over the skill of the dog on a date  and time as well as location previously agreed upon by Patty Smith and the new owner in a signed contract.  

 For advanced training only: We will provide a video to the buyer and the buyer will be given the opportunity to agree that the puppy has met the training qualifications stated above and in the signed contract 


If all parties agree that the puppy has passed, buyer. must pick up their puppy within 3 days.  If the puppy is deemed NOT to pass, he/she shall be returned to the trainer for a period of 1 to 2 weeks for additional training. Once  again the test shall be administered in the same way as previously. 

If, however, the buyer is the only dissenting party for the latest of any two tests, the video of the tests will be reviewed by a third party (someone in the dog training profession) of  Patty Smith choosing and who is not currently employed by Patty Smith. If this third party deems the puppy to have passed the test, despite the buyer's sole objection, then the buyer’s will have 2 options. The first option shall be to accept the puppy as is, with the understanding of no refunds on either the puppy original price or the cost of training. The second option will be too not except the puppy and no monies will be refunded on puppy's original price  and the only refund that will be issued is $1500.00 from the $5000.00 paid for the training to the buyer.  

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